Thank you to everyone who entered for your overwhelming response - we have received 140 video submissions from 70 different videographers.  Due to time constraints we had to narrow down the selections to the finalists in each category. It was not easy to choose. The following film makers had their films screened at Park & Ocean on Oct 23rd 2019. Click the names below to view their videos.

Finalists for Best Long Film: 

Scott Crouch

Henro Devos

Denzil Baynes 

Luke Hammond 

Dean Harrison

Shaun O'Callaghan

Nick Sleeman

Kyle Vollaers

Harry Gillmore

Finalists for Most Creative Film:

Bo Green

Zakk Arion

Shani Davies

Henro Devos

Leah Hayes

Shaun O'Callaghan

Matthew Oosthuizen

Dylan Ross

Kyle Vollares

Finalists for Best Short Film:

Dylan Barry

Byron Dobson

Stuart Heath Carlton Smith

Shani Davies

Leo Mancusi-Ungaro

Harry Morris

Dylan Ross 

Kyle Vollaers

Konner Webb

Sam Yates

Finalists for Wildcard:

Dylan Ross

Holly Robertson

Harry Tiger Doyle

Samuel Chia